Advertising on the internet is constantly evolving. There seems to be so many methods to gain the website traffic that is becomes a challenge or confusing to know exactly how to advertise your website.


One of highest forms of advertising is the banner ads. You see them everywhere. They are on the search engines. They are on personal websites. They are on blog sites. You cannot go to any site without seeing a banner ad. For this reason they have become one of the widest methods to entice the internet traffic. They are very beneficial and low cost when approached properly.

Banners ads are based on brand recognition. They are specifically designed for certain products and services. The text within the ads describes in a limited area the detailed information to attract the users to click on the ad then to be driven to the website. It makes locating the products and services quite simple. Here is an example of one I use:




The banners are targeted at certain traffic. This helps to reduce the users that are not truly interested or going to purchase from the website. The targeted traffic is the true cause of using banner ads. Targeted traffic means higher sales and higher profits.

The sites help to locate the right terms and phrases to include in your advertising campaign. With the right words and terms you will get the traffic you are seeking. Without them, you are wasting time and effort.

Here are some tips to increase your efforts:tips__tricks_banner

1. Choose an attention grabbing content for your banner. With the limited amount of text space you need to have superior content on the ad.

2. Add pictures on the ad to give the users a visual of the product. Seeing is believing in the eyes of the consumer.

3. Avoid using banners larger than 5K. The bigger banner is not going to gain more traffic and seems to clutter the sites they are posted on.

4. Avoid using too many different colors and fonts. You want to appear professional, not like a kid with a new box of crayons testing out every color.

5. Use the ?call to action? advertising method of ?click here for more exciting information.? Take charge and direct the users to click on your ad.

6. Keep your ad content readable. Make it motivational but not too cluttered with information. You only want to peak their interest to click the ads.

7. Test the links of banner to verify it drives the traffic to your site.



Many programs provide banner ads for you to use and are usually very good.  The best way to find out if it works it to use it and track your results, once you find one that works go with it.  Another important tip is don’t ad to many banners to your website your site will start to look trashy. Moderation is the key.  Banners do work and you should include them in your site and ads.


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