All In One Profits Review: LEGIT

  • Name: All In One Profits (AIOP)
  • Website:
  • Price: $11.50 Basic, $21.73 Premium
  • Owners: Isabella Capsuna
  • Grade: B
  • Who it’s for: Intermediate to Expert

all-in-one-profitsWhat is All In One Profits also known as AIOP

All In One Profits is a marketing platform that provides a vast amount of tools for the marketer, everything from premium hosting, autoresponder, splash/squeeze page builder, link tracker, rotator and downline builder. Claims to provide everything you need to succeed.

Overall Grade – B

The following criteria was used in determining the grade:

  • Potential to earn an income – From personal experience I found it difficult to earn long term money, this was due to my current knowledge of how to make money online.  Looking back the potential is pretty good but not for the beginner. Grade – B.
  • Training – The training is basically the same you found with most programs, the teach you how to use the tools they provide, i.e. splash builder, autoresponder, they even have a written step by step how to put a website together (Pro level only). The issue I ran into was it was basic and never really got anything going, my website never ranked and there is no training for that. Grade – C.
  • Testimonials – There are probable more negative but this has to come with a grain a salt as so many people start something but never work at it and then plan the opportunity.  There are enough positive to believe it works for those that know what to do and work hard. Grade – B.
  • Price – There are only 2 options basic and pro.  Basic is $11.50 monthly and 10.00 is paid in commission with 1.50 for admin fees.  Pro is 21.73 monthly and 20 is paid in commission with 1.73 for admin fees.
  • Commission plan – It is a one up comp plan, this means you pass up all your even referrals to your sponsor and this has potential to real create a huge income if people succeed. Down side, you just might pass up a great heavy hitter and never see and profit from your referral. Grade – C.


All In One Profits is not for the beginner, you will be able to create lead capture and splash pages but will find getting conversions difficult. They don’t provide a high level education for the beginner to learn how to market successfully. Your left to using safelists (read my review here) or traffic exchanges. The Pro level gets you a website but never really teaches you how to leverage or manage your site. My opinion is your almost there but just not enough training. I have a much better understanding of marketing now and could refer a lot of members but they would struggle until the learned a lot more. If you think AIOP is for you or just want a closer look – click here

My recommendation

Learn how to have your own business online and only join if you can take a free account first to find out if it is for you.  Read my review on my number 1 recommendation here or click the image below.


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6 Responses to All In One Profits Review – Legit or Scam

  1. CarlM says:

    It really seems like you do not get all that much for your money here! And very little help with trying to make it work. Being a current member at WA I love the fact that you can learn a great deal and also put into practice what you have learned even with the free starter membership and A LOT of help inside also!

    Don’t look like you get much of that with AIOP!!

    Thanks for the review…


    • admin says:

      Exactly, sure looks like it’s a lot, but hard to put into practice, I definitely recommend wealthy affiliate over any other program on the net today. By far the best and most extensive training. Thanks for your comments

  2. Oscar says:

    I did my homework before choosing a program and let me tell you it isn’t easy, the main reason being that when you are a beginner you really can’t tell the bottom from the top. Most of the programs have an affiliate program and that makes it even harder because you really don’t know if the wonders they talk are because of sheer interest or if it is for real. I hope there were more reviews like this one to help other beginners in their search and help them to make a better decision.
    Good job.

  3. Lynne says:

    The lack of support and training on this platform makes me think about it negatively. If someone is a beginner they really need great guidance and support.
    Do they have a free trial available so I can see how it all works before I pay anything?
    I might be wrong here, but if this product is not very good (as in there is not much of a product) and the training/ support is not great, plus you earn commission referring people is this not more like a pyramid scheme than a legitimate and honest way to make money online?

    • admin says:

      Agree on the training for beginners and that’s why it is only recommended for intermediate to advance. They do provide support and the product is very good if you want a way to build capture pages and have an autoresponder to manage a list. The building a website is very basic and leaves a lot of unanswered questions. They do not offer a free trial so for those looking to build a list it is a very good product, but due to lack of beginner support and no free trial is why I gave it a grade of B.

      Thanks for your comments and hope this helps.

      Thanks again

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