AndThanks2U Review – Scam

  • Name: AndThanks2U
  • Website:
  • Price: Starts at $2.50 for member to member and starts at $12.50 for straight line
  • Owner: Sherm Mason
  • Grade: F
  • Who is it for: Targets the get rich quick crowd


What is AndThanks2U

Thanks 2 U is a program that is more of a gifting program, similar to cashadstream.  The product is banner ads and text ads posted on the site for others to see.  Money is earned by referring other members.

Overall Grade – F

The following criteria was used in determining the grade

  • Potential to earn money – Very very low potential. You only earn money by referring others to the program and this is why it is all most nothing more than a gifting program.  Once someone pays they are allowed to post some banner and text ads, no ever joins for the product, it is only for the money opportunity.  You might make some small amount as the first level or stage is only 2.50.  Then you need to refer 4 others before getting to the next stage.  Recruiting people is a challenge for most and when it’s not a sound business the numbers will be low.  Grade given – F.
  • Training – Not much here, the have a marketing tab which provides you an affiliate link to promote and some banners you can use, as with all these programs, everyone is using the same page which makes it difficult for you to stand out. Grade given – F
  • Support – Unable to review at this time as I have not had any contact with support.
  • Testimonials – Only ones I find our on the website and can not consider them as valid, seems more hype and potentially made up to entice. Grade given – F
  • Price – Starts at $2.50 for the member to member program and $12.50 for straight line program. see chart below for member to member program. Grade given – F

Stage 1

Tier 1 –  Cost $2.50 get 4 people to pay $2.50 you get $10.00
Tier 2 –  Cost $5.00 get 16 people to pay $5.00 you get $80.00
Tier 3 – Cost $10.00 get 64 people to pay $10.00 you get $640.00
Tier 4 – Cost $20.00 get 256 people to pay $20.00 you get $5,120

Stage 2

Tier 5 – Cost $100.00 get 2 people to pay $100.00 you get $200.00
Tier 6 – Cost $200.00 get 8 people to pay $200.00 you get $1,600.00
Tier 7 – Cost $500.00 get 32 people to pay $500.00 you get $16,000.00
Tier 8 – Cost $1,000.00 get 128 people to pay $1,000.00 you get $128,000

The straight line program is just that you join a straight line matrix. The program pays every 3rd person in line. In other words 3 people join and then someone gets paid.  It takes 3 people to move you up in the line.  The further down the line the longer it will take to get to the top. They have four different lines priced at 12.50, 25.00, 50.00 and 100.00.  Grade given – F

Major problems

1. There are a few major problems with this program and one major problem is found in the terms and privacy page read what you agree to:

By signing up for the program, Member is opting-in to receive other special offer emails from If you do not wish to receive these emails, you may cancel your account anytime. reserves the right to track Member’s activity by both IP Address as well as individual browser activity.

I really don’t like giving permission to track me and my activities, seems they might just be selling my information.

2. Next problem I came across was with payments, if you ever get to tier 7 and 8 they recommend sending the payment via fedex. They big question is why?  Perhaps they don’t want to draw attention to paypal or other processors what’s going on? Big Legal issue here.

3. Last but not least I need to talk about paypal, these programs are against their policies and will get your account terminated.  It would be awful to lose your paypal over $2.50. Read the policy



Stay away from this one, too many problems and little return. The web pages says Gratitude, Faith, Teamwork, strategy, and success, not much of any of that going on.  Tracking it’s members and using their information from a ponzi scheme at best has nothing to do with faith.  Build a real business and connect with like professionals, read my review here.

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