Stick to a plan and you will not get scammed!

Easier said then done,  Scams are all over the internet and you also have honest people trying to promote a poorly designed program that looks good.  The reason we fall for scams are numerous, mostly it is a desire to make that quick cash or get rich.  I came to the internet wanting to be a success overnight but did not want to spend years learning how to build my business, so when the promise came to make money with everything done for you it was and easy (bad) decision.

So learn from my mistakes and do the following and you will avoid my mistakes:

  • If they promise no effort and a lot of cash – RUN, it’s a SCAM
  • If they have tons of one time offers and upgrades to open up secrets to you -SCAM
  • If they don’t let you see for free what they have – SCAM
  • If they don’t let you know who or where they are located – SCAM
  • If they offer overnight success – SCAM
  • If the offer is for only a certain number of people – SCAM
  • If they say pay us x amount and you will get x amount back – SCAM
  • Promise you spillover – SCAM
  • Promise to build or recruit for you – SCAM
  • Offer you signups for money – SCAM
  • Testimonies are only from people making tons of money – SCAM

I am sure there are a lot more, but those are the most common and I have personally experienced quite a few of those.  See they prey on people who don’t know how to be successful but are trying to find their way. It is easy to fall for anyone of them because the promise sound so good.

Stick to a plan and you will not get scammed

Worth repeating,  see  I was lost and jumping all over the place because I had no plan, only a desire.  I knew success was possible,  the number of people online with business was proof.  I needed a plan, a road map, I needed training, support, tools and goals.  I found all this at Wealthy Affiliate with a free account, I eventually upgraded when they passed all the scam tests.  The great part was I plugged in for free and met a community of like minded folks. Some were already well along with success, others starting and everything in between. I found honest people giving honest and valuable help.  With my plan in place I have not looked back.  Wealthy Affiliate only offers 2 accounts free and premium, no other hoops or upgrades.  Below is a comparison chart of the memberships, and if you are ready for your free account just click on the chart.




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