Cash Downline Builder Review – LEGIT

  • Name: Cash Downline Builder
  • Website:
  • Price:  Free no upgrades
  • Owner: Alonzo Brown
  • Grade: A
  • Who is it for:  People wanting to be successful online

cash down line builder


What is Cash Downline Builder

Cash Downline Builder is a FREE system to build 25 streams of income and 25 downlines by promoting one link.  Plus you add the top 5 income streams that you choose which makes 30 streams of income possible.  Listed in the 25 are 5 instant pay sites that pays 100% percent instant commission.


Overall Grade – A

  • Potential to earn money – Very strong to free tool is designed to make money and build your downlines. Many of us belong to several programs to market and build our business and most earn commissions if we refer others, this leaves the business owner having to decide which product or program to promote the most. Cash downline builder allows business owners to promote all their products and programs with one link.  Grade Given – A
  • Owner: Alonzo Brown, self taught and very helpful.  He is fully engaged in helping everyone with all the videos he has you will know that he cares about the members and the business and will be available to help. He has the experience needed for the long term.  Grade Given – A
  • Training – Excellent, Alonzo Brown has a lot of experience and uses videos to walk the member through setting up their cash downline builder site.  Their is also a free team site you can join once your a member. Grade Given – A
  • Testimonials – Prior to joining the team site did not see many, once a member of the team site have met many people using the program and being very successful.  Grade Give – B
  • Price – Cash Downline Builder is free all the time.  As for the 25 income streams they are optional to join, most you can join for free but most have upgrades available.  They are all optional and they all earn commissions and most are tools to help you promote. You can use Cash Downline builder for 5 of your own current programs and never spend a cent. Grade Given – A



Cash Downline Builder is one of the best tools I have used, it builds my list and continually brings in money from the different programs that I use.  It very nice to only promote one link and be able to show all that I offer.  I did sign up at a lot of the 25 income streams, some I all ready belonged too, happy I did as I am getting referral in all of them.  The really only downside was the length of time to set up the additional income streams.  Takes time to sign up and get confirmed and then set that program up.  Once done will save a lot of time and will allow you to really focus on one site to promote. Alonzo is a great speaker and very helpful.

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