CashAdStream Review – Scam

  • Name – CashAdStream
  • Website –
  • Price – Initially 1.50 and then on up for each level
  • Owner – Owner has hidden personal information, none available – Red Flag
  • Grade – F
  • Who it’s for – Supposed to be for marketers


What is CashAdStream:

CashAdStream claims to be an advertising and cash generating platform, allowing you to have your ads seen by thousands of readers. The cash is generated from people purchasing matrix positions on each level that allows them to advertise to that level.  Your ad gets seen by the highest level you have paid into.


Overall Grade – F

The following criteria was used in determining the grade

  • Potential to Earn Money – Very little, it is a 3×8 matrix and you have to pay for each level, see chart below. The entry level is $1.50, which is small and many will upgrade to this level. You only get paid $1.50 by your level one people and that’s 3 people. If you want to receive level 2 money, you have to upgrade to level 2 for $5.00. Then any of your level 2 who upgrade to level 2 will pay you $5.00. Problem is as the levels go up very few upgrade to higher levels, meaning you have to pay to play and hope those on that level upgrade. Your likely to see some $5.00 level 2 money, but as the price goes up the upgrades will go down and your not likely to make any real money. Grade given – F
  • pay chart
  • Training – There is no training, they offer the usually referral links and banner and small ad copy that you can use. They say just keep doing what your all ready doing and this will make you money.  Grade given – F
  • Product – Advertising for whatever you are promoting, you need to read 8 ads a week to keep you ad active. The traffic is of low quality and volume of traffic will be low until you build your matrix.  The quality is low due to everyone there is only there to advertise their offer or just make money. Grade given – D
  • Support – Unable to review as never tried to contact admin, concern owner is hidden
  • Testimonials – Not many to find, do find people promoting the offer and advertising how great the program is. Grade – C
  • Price – $1.50 for level 1 and then on up to $320.00 level 8.  Grade – F.


Seems to be nothing more than a gifting program  made to look like an advertising platform.  Payments are made member to member and what that payment gets is the ability to receive higher payments and gets your offer seen further into matrix.  I would not recommend based on a few factors, the owner is unknown (big why), and the paying to be able to receive is just not right.

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