Click Earner: Legit

  • Name: Click Earner
  • Website:
  • Price: 7 day free trial and then $6.o0 monthly
  • Owner: M van Rooij (van Rooij IT)
  • Grade: C
  • Who is it for:  Marketers that use safelists – read my review here


What is Click Earner

Click Earner is an automated tool used to earn safelist credits.  Click Earner will open up to 150 credit emails at a time, allowing the user to earn credits at a lighting quick pace, compared to opening one at a time. Safelist advertising requires the member to have credits to email their ad. Click earner is a quick way of getting those credits.

Overall Grade – C

The following criteria was used in determining the grade:

  • Potential to earn money – I personally use clickearner to help with my safelist advertising, and find the potential to earn an income this way is very challenging.  People who use safelists have one common thread, we are all advertising our program and no one is looking for an opportunity.  You will get small numbers as some will see your opportunity as better, newer, or has greater potential to earn money.  I belong to hundreds of lists and use click earner to gather credits, and use them to send my ads. The results are very low and not much in quality, some start but quit quickly. Overall I have spent far more money using safelists than I made. Grade Given – D.
  • Training – Setting up your account takes a bit of time and training is good at getting this done. They offer 2 ways to set up your account, click earner can go get the emails or you can forward the email from the gmail account you use for safelists. Both work well and the training is easy to understand and set up takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Grade Given – B.
  • Testimonials – Lot of good testimonials by those who use safelists.  If your going to use safelists it is a good product. Grade given – B
  • Price – They offer a 7 day free trial and then becomes $6.00 monthly fee. Grade given – C


If you are using safelists to advertise, clickearner is a must have.  It will save you time and money, the other option for credits is to upgrade and this gets expensive when you belong to many lists.  Safelist advertising can bring you some referrals, but I have found the time, effort and money exceed the results that I received.  Currently most of my traffic comes from search engines like google, bing and yahoo.  These are people who are searching for me instead of me trying to force my ad on someone else who is force feeding their own ad.  If you would like to learn how to use search engines for traffic read my review here.

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6 Responses to Click Earner – Legit or Scam

  1. steve says:

    well it does work fine for opening emails just don’t expect to get paid for any downline. payments are withdrawn from click earner account when requested but not forwarded to your payment processor. In other words do not bother getting any downline here just use for the service. No customer service has ever replied to my contact attempt

    • Bob Brooks says:

      Thanks for the comments, I did not know that I do use it only for opening emails. It is a big time
      saver. Thanks for the information,very helpful. Thanks

      • Monique says:

        My click earner no longer logs into my gmail accounts no matter what I do I have reset and enabled, disabled etc. Tried support but no help for months. They keep taking the 6 bucks though. I just want my clickearner to work. Any suggestions? I get this message

        Gmail error: Can not authenticate to IMAP server: [ALERT] Please log in via your web browser:

        • Bob Brooks says:

          Sorry to hear your having problems with click earner, not sure other than keep trying to reach support, or stop you payment
          and sign up for new account. I have never had that problem and do love using it for credits. Keep me posted would like
          to know how this works out.

          Wish I could help more

  2. Royan Shaw says:

    Imagine 5000 members in a safelist and half of those use clickearner so 50% of the credit you earn is instantly wasted as no one will be viewing your ads – no wonder safelists will never produce as useful, fulfilling results especially members who pay

    • Bob Brooks says:

      First Thank you for your comments, I disagree with your comment. I have been using safelists and traffic
      exchanges for many years, the main purpose is to build a list and not sell to them. Used correctly safelists
      produce great numbers of opt ins to my list that do eventually buy. I noticed you added your solo ad link
      to this comment and I have to say that solo ads do produce lots opt ins also, however once your ad is over
      you have to pay again, with safelists I get to mail over and over and in the long run produce more opt ins
      to my list than solo ads.
      Again thanks for you comment

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