Skinny Body Care is HUGE right now, it is popping up everywhere.




So The Big Question is – Does it Work or just a flash in the pan.  I am going to take this in two parts, the products and the compensation plan to answer the question does it work.  Hint (yes it does)

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There are six core products all are made from the purest natural ingredients found on the planet.  Skinny Body Care has made a commitment to staying on the cutting edge of science and nutrition technology.  Creating not only the highest quality products, but products that creating great results.  These products are (you can click on the product for further information)

  1.  Skinny Fiber –  Weight management, Digestive Enzymes and Support Metabolism
  2.  HiBurn8 –  Nighttime Weight Management, Support Stress Relief, Promote Great Sleep and Tastes Great
  3.  E3 – Energy, Endurance and Electrolytes
  4.  Instant Youth – Look Younger in Minutes, Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles and Instant Results
  5.  Ageless – Help Improve Skin Imperfections, Long Term Results and Leaves Your Skin Radiant
  6. Skinny Body Max – Maximum Weight Management, Antioxidant Power and Support Healthy Metabolism

I personally have used Skinny Body max to drop 15 lbs and now taking the skinny fiber to maintain my weight (lost another 2 lbs).  I also use and my wife uses the HiBurn8 every night and found we sleep much better.  I used to wake up every couple hours, look at the clock and go back to sleep, now I sleep the night without waking up.  I also use the E3 in the afternoon to avoid that sleep slump that comes mid day.  My wife loves the instant youth and how it took the bags under her eyes away.

So from my own experience – I love the products and they work.


The Compensation Plancompensation-plan

Commissions are based on business volume, each product is given a business volume (BV) amount and commissions are paid on that BV amount.  There are a total of nine different ways to earn with SBC.  Click here for complete overview.

  1. Retail – Easy enough, do you know anyone looking to lose a few pounds?  Great question
  2. Fast Start Enroller Bonuses
  3. Fast Start Commissions
  4. Fast Start Coded Infinity Generational Overrides
  5. Monthly Enroller Bonuses
  6. Placement Tree Commissions
  7. Infinity Matching Bonuses
  8. Gold Pool
  9. Legacy Matrix Commissions – Optional

Skinny Body Care offers the best plan that I have ever seen, people make money quickly and keep making it.  The way to keep people in mlm is have products that work great and priced right and pay people. Simple enough.

I personally have been with SBC three months and have been getting paid weekly and monthly, it is changing our lives, and has changed how I view MLM or network marketing. What makes this compensation so great is the powerline – it puts paid members under you before you ever spend any money.



Skinny Body Care founder Ben Glinsky started this company in 2011 with the intent of creating the last company people will have to join. Most importantly he wanted a company where the average person could succeed.  I fit that bill,  I have tried just about every MLM, network marketing or internet money making program there is, and never have I had the success I am having with SBC. This is the last company I will ever join.  I look great, feel great and have money in my pocket.  If your looking for your last company you found it here.



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