Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work

A while back a wrote a review about Wealthy Affiliate, but  I was a new member then and I understand the excitement when findingwealthy-affiliate-overview something new.  So I decided to write this post to focus on my experience thus far and what I have gained from this experience.  I have currently been an upgraded member for five months and built this website using the training provided.  I had been online for many years and never gained this much knowledge in one place.  I tried just about everything out there as you can see from my reviews, not all were bad, some were even good, but they all left out key pieces to success.  The training at wealthy affiliate has taught me how to construct this website, use keywords, SEO and get ranked page one of  google, bringing a endless supply of free quality traffic.  For me this is a huge accomplishment, I now am a professional online. No more signing up to countless programs that offer riches and no results.  Oh, the big question everyone asks “Are you making money?”  The answer is YES, I’m not making riches and not making enough to quick my day job, but and growing and all I do now is rinse and repeat and more will come. So yes Wealthy Affilate Does Work!

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

Wealthy Affiliate teaches four basic steps to followWA4Steps

  1.  Choose an Interest:  This is anything you want.  My first choice was making money online since that is what I have been trying to do for 15 years.  I am currently starting a second website in the healthy and well being section as my goal is to live healthy and help others do the same.  I have had people build around fishing, golf, pets, children toys, the list is endless. Do what you love.
  2.  Build a Website: There is a lot of training here but they have made it simple to follow and do.  There is a lot to building your site correctly, I had built a site in the past and never saw any traffic.  I know now the mistakes I was making with that site and no longer make them.  Your site is your business and should reflect who you are. Using a replicated website does not work, if everyone uses the same website then your sharing any traffic you get. The more members the less traffic you will get.
  3. Get Ranking & Visitors: This was huge for me, the only traffic I used to generate was from safelists and traffic exchanges and that was very low quality.  This has allowed my business to work 24/7 and make contacts with people looking for me.  If you want to thrive online you need to know how to drive traffic via search engines.
  4. Earn Revenue: The part everyone wants and this comes from you website being of value to people. Your site will build trust with visitors and when you recommend a product some will purchase that product and you make a commission.  Anything I want to buy, I first do a search for reviews online.  I want to find out what experiences others have had with that product.

Just look below at the training included in the Free Membership:

wa lessonThe key is to take your time, today we are all in such a hurry and want everything now.  Looking back, I spent 15 years spinning my wheels getting no where and in 5 months here at wealthy affiliate I see the start of something big.


Wealthy Affiliate Support



One of the biggest problems I always had was getting help when I got stuck.  Many times while learning something new I just would not understand what it meant or how to complete the task.  Wealthy Affiliate has a large community members that eagerly help and train other members.  Members add their own training videos, answer directly in group chat and what really surprised me was the owner Kyle is actively involved and will personally answer your questions.  I found that I was in business for myself but not by myself.

I currently have 268 other members that are following my progress and available for help, all I have to do is ask.


I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for five months and this site is a result of the training and now I’m starting a second website.  For the first time I am making money and that feels real good. The training has been the best and most extensive I have found, it can be overwhelming at times but that is where the community comes in and helps.  I am far from being a techy sort of person and did not think I could do this, but here it is and what a thrill to have my own business online that works.  Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership so  you can test the waters and see for yourself, it is the real deal. Read my wealthy affiliate review here or click the create your free account below.



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8 Responses to Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

  1. Simon Watson says:

    well I actually read all of your WA review and I must say what a thorough job you have done on it. It sells the program yet it does not come across all salesy so a great job with finding the happy medium. It covers every advantage but also seems impartial to. So again good job on that too.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Simon, I wrote from personal experience and that makes it easy. I have tried the rest and Wealthy Affiliate just works. Thanks again,


  2. Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there Bob,

    Good question, does Wealthy Affiliate work? for some it won’t quite simply as the will have no patience and give up very early on. It a system where you have to plod on and plough away and just keep on with the process (trust the process!) and it will eventually work.

    Certainly not a get rich quick sort of thing! (but then, no real business on or offline really is!)

  3. Paddy says:

    After reading your review I decided to join with Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and to be fair it really is very educational. I have only been with it since before Christmas but already I am seeing progress with my site moving up through the ranks on google already. This is a great piece, but I think it would be great if you could go into a bit more detail on things like pricing and earnings as I was between two minds at first and I think there are probably more like me out there. Best of luck with your site!

  4. Michel says:

    Glad to hear you are so happy and Wealthy Affiliate is helping you so much. I have been a member a few months maybe longer than you and I agree with you the platform and the members are awesome.

    It is by no means a make money quick scheme, but it does start to dribble in after a few months, and in time this could become a full time income.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment, Agree it takes time. I have been a member little over 5 months and am seeing monthly money and it’s growing, love the education.

      Thanks again


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