Dropship2Cash Review: SCAM

  • Name: DropShip2Cash
  • Website: http://www.dropship2cash.com
  • Price: Free to Join, put have to pay to reserve spots 49.00 each
  • Owner: John Nero
  • Grade: F
  • Who it’s for:  No One, Preys on the vulnerable


What is Dropship 2 Cash:

It claims to be a passive income stream, for each spot you hold (purchase) it will generate passive income payments from their Dropshipping network. You have to do nothing except purchase spots and then receive payments as their dropshipping business grows.

Overall Grade – F (Run Fast and Run Far from this one)

The following criteria was used in determining the grade”

  • Potential to earn an income – Very low to non-existent, clearly the definition of ponzi scheme. The payouts are based on the spots being purchased and not from dropshipping revenue.  John Nero is a member of DS Domination and uses this program to feed into his DS Domination business. Grade given – F
  • Training – None. Pay money and make money. Grade given – F
  • Support – None. Grade given – F
  • Testimonials – Started good, early people did receive money, but once it grew and purchases of spots slowed the testimonials turned to all bad. Grade given – F
  • Price – A spot is $49.00, they recommend buying multiple spots. Grade given – F


If your still reading this review, I highly, strongly recommend you run from this program. It is unsustainable as the payouts come from spots purchased, eventually sales will not be able to pay the growing number of spots waiting to be paid. It is a ponzi scheme and John is using the get money for nothing in an effort to draw people to his DS Domination site. This is for no one and you will lose money.

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