DS Domination Review: Legit

  • Name: DS Domination
  • Website: www.dsdomintaion
  • Price: $19.95 with many upgrade levels
  • Owners: Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana, & Hitesh Juneja
  • Grade: D
  • Who it’s for: Beginner to Expert


What is DS Domination

DS Domination teaches the members how to drop ship products and make a profit.  In a nut shell your taught how to find a product on Amazon, copy the pictures and list on Ebay with a markup.  When someone purchases from your Ebay post you go back to Amazon and order the product having it shipped to your customer. You keep the profit.

Overall Grade – D

The following criteria was used in determining the grade:

  • Potential to earn an income – From personal experience, 2 time member, I found it difficult to achieve any real substantial income at the pro level (will cover this more later in review).  When listing on Ebay, pricing is very competitive and margins for profits are very slim, not to mention some states charge tax and if your not careful you lose money covering the tax.  The potential is there, but at a price.  They also offer an affiliate program, where you earn from referring other members.  For the inexperienced marketer this is difficult and recruiting is the number one problem confronting most failing marketers.  That is why they are drawn to the dropshipping side. Grade – D.
  • Training –  The training is broken down into modules and was very easy to understand and implement.  Ds Domination does a good job of guiding you through the training.  The downside is you are limited to the amount of training you can access by membership level, which there are many and expensive. Grade – B.
  • Testimonials – There are many testimonials abounding, some positive and some negative. The positive tend to be from those succeeding on the mlm side referring other members. Grade – D.
  • Price – This is where DS Domination really gets tough, they offer so many upgrades to reach further training and if you really want to succeed with DS Domination you will need to keep upgrading and it gets expensive, which I outline below. Grade – D.


Affiliate – 9.95 monthly, allows you to promote DS Domination and earn commisions.

Pro –  19.95 monthly, include the basic training and videos to get the member going.

Ds Domination Elite – 99.95 monthly, training becomes more advanced and you have access to software and other companies to dropship from.  You will learn and have access to shipping more expensive products, netting 100 t0 200 a sale.

Market Extreme – 199.95, again greater training and access. Never upgraded to this level so can not give better review on higher levels

DS Domination Unleashed – 249.95, here Roger will teach you his insider techniques at being successful on ebay.

DS Domination Monopoly – 499.95, finally you have complete access and learn all about amazon and ebay from Roger himself.

Personal Experience

When I found DS Domination I was really excited, see I had been online for years and could never build a solid organization of referral, so the idea of working on my own dropshipping was exciting.  My first problem was what some call paypal jail, once my ebay item sold and the buyer sent money, paypal put a 21 day hold on the funds, this meant I had to pay for the amazon purchase and wait to get my money back.  Okay not terrible by margins for profit were running around 4 to 5 dollars and have 50 sit paypal to make 5 dollars was very slow. Based on my budget I could only list a few items due to fear of all selling at once and not able to cover the initial outlay of money. I was told this would only last until I had enough positive feedback, roughly 100 in feedback.

The second problem hit me by surprise, I had found my amazon item, listed it on ebay, it sold and went back to amazon and they had raised the price. I ended up taking a 15 dollar loss and still had to wait to get the money back from paypal.

My third and final oops was tax,  had buyer from a state that ebay collects tax, brought my profit down to .75 cents and again still waiting for paypal to release funds.

During this time I did have one return, broke even and went okay.


DS Domination will teach you some techniques for dropshipping, it will be very expensive and time consuming to really make any profit. You will need to upgrade to a very expensive level to have full access and after 2 attempts at making this work, I could not cover the 19.95 a month from my dropshipping. I’m sure once paypal did not hold and I could list more would have been able to.  It was a lot of working making sure pricing did not change while listed on ebay, returns were time consuming, finding good products that fit with market up was extremely difficult.  I also found it very difficult to refer others as I was not making money dropshipping.  Forgot to mention Ebay does have high fees and will also eat away at any money you manage to squeak out.



I have found something I really like and is for everyone, to read my review click here

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