Having trouble making it online? Not sure what your doing wrong?


If this sounds like you, your not alone.  So many people come to the internet with big dreams of making it big and quickly get lost in all the confusion and many times fall for scams and false promises. Only to leave them defeated and lighter in the pocket. I am going to show you how to get started online the right way.

Two types of businesses:

Those that look for people and those that people look for!

Let me explain, when I started I was constantly looking for people to join my business (sound familiar).  That is what the program I joined told me to do. So I joined a ton of safelists which allow you to email others if you read their ads, basically everyone is trying to sell their program to other people who are doing the same. Results very low but occasionally you will get a sign up or two.  Mostly because someone sees your opportunity as the sure bet and join only to fade away after a month.

None the less, I did get a few so join more safelists, upgrade and email even more.  Bad idea as it was very expensive and the return on advertising was not even close.

Next I was told you need a splash page or lead capture page so you can get their information and continue to market to them via an autoresponder which I also would need. Being eager to finally succeed, I did my search and found a company for lead capture pages and autoresponder.  Sent many days building page and setting up emails for autoresponder.  Results were encouraging as I had a lot more people optin to my page.  That was false hope as still very few conversion.

In a nut shell here is how most operate online

Lets compare my online business to traditional business – Say I was a plumber and just opened my doors up and my advertising plan was to direct mail everyone in the new neighborhood which were mostly plumbers, my results next to nothing. Now my competitor took out a yellow pages ad and his phone lit up with people looking for him!

I Want To Help You Develop a Business People Search For

After years of failing to generate any real income, I had to sit back and asses what I was doing and why had I not found any real success. Hit me like a ton of bricks, everything I was purchasing or signing up was through searching and google.  I was founding them, they were not finding me. WOW, what a shift in my thinking.

Doesn’t matter what your product or service is there are some common things in all successful online business

  1. They have support, like me I was traveling in the wrong direction and never stopped to ask anyone. Now I have a huge support team that I run everything past and get recommendations and help in doing it right.
  2. They all have a website, not just an affiliate link but their very own website that provides value to others. If this worries you or you feel it is beyond your abilities – don’t worry it is quite simple and help is here to assist.
  3. They continue to learn and perfect what they are doing. The internet changes quickly and if your not learning and growing, you get left behind.

Good News Get Things Going with Zero Dollars

For Zero Dollars you will get full time support from me and thousands of other entrepreneurs, live chat discussions on every topic possible.

Two fully functional websites (wordpress) ready to make money marketing any product or service you can think of. Don’t have a product or service, we help with that also, nothing left out.

Effective and usable training that will get your business going with profit, includes videos, tutorials, discussions and even classrooms.

With zero dollars out of your pocket and you see what’s here, you’ll being saying what I and many others have said, “wish I had found this years ago” There is a premium option you can consider once you look around, which will give you a whole lot more.  There are no other upsells or options, only free or premium, see them both below


As you can see everything is here for you to try at no cost, if you have had any struggles or just want to expand what you have, this is the place, to learn more today.





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