How To Become An Entrepreneur ! How To Succeed Online – Six Steps to Success !

There are six things you  should do and be doing to make money online. Many people fail online by not doing the right things.  Have you joined more than one company?  Are you struggling to make money?  Do you find it difficult to find customers and referrals?  If so watch my video and learn what your missing.

Here are the six things you need to do and be doing to succeed.

  1.  Stay started –  Make the decision before you start that you will stay started, remain focused and don’t quit.  If you are struggling, learn what your doing wrong and make changes.  Don’t fall for the new shiny object syndrome, many people are joining so many programs that they are starting over all the time. They never get any traction.
  2. Pick the Right Opportunity or company –  There are many to choose from, some very good, some good, some not so good and right out scams.  I have covered many of them in this website.  Things to considering in picking your company – Do you love and use the product – Would you still use the product if you didn’t receive commissions – Do they have a good pay plan, up front money, residual and higher end products – Stability of the company, how long have they been in business Leadership, who will you be working with.
  3. Get Started – Complete all the company get started training, don’t skip steps.
  4. Set up Funnel –  You must have a funnel with lead capture page, sales page and auto responder, and drive traffic.
  5. Connect and plug in – This is a must, you will need help, you will need encouragement.  It is not easy but with help it works
  6. Grow and Learn –  Never stop learning, expand your business to new areas.  Make your weakness your strength.


If you want to be successful online, do those 6 things and you will succeed.  I will cover some of those a little deeper in future posts, but in a nut shell if you pick the right company and stay with it and learn and grow you will succeed.  If you are not using your own sales funnel or a small teams funnel you are competing with the masses. Learn to earn and gain your freedom back.


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