What is a lead capture page?

A lead capture page is just what it sounds like, you are capturing a persons information for follow up marketing.  Lead capture pages typically provide very little information about company or product, they are built as teaser pages leaving you wanting more information.  There will be a place to leave your name and email to be taken to the next page that gives more information. They are also known as splash or landing pages.  See the example below


Are they effective

Depending on your advertising goal they can be very effective.  Many marketers are building lists of subscribers that they can market to in the future with any products they want.  This is known as list building and can be effective if the list is built with active targeted audience in mind.  A list of subscribers that are interested in technology would have little success for weight loss programs.  Perhaps you have heard the term the money is in the list.  Many marketers swear by building a list, it gives them people to promote to on an endless basis. This form of marketing is all based on seller finding buyers.  I personally prefer buyers who seek out the product or service. The conversion rate is much higher.

How do you get and make a lead capture page

There are many free and paid services available for lead capture pages, the better ones have additional products to go along with the capture page, such as autoresponders and tracking for your page.  If using capture pages it is essential that you have an autoresponder. This allows follow up with the subscriber automatically, once they sign into your page the autoresponder will take over and start emailing them messages that you have set up, it is also necessary to have tracking of your page so you can know what works and what doesn’t.  I have used lead capture pages in the past and found they do build a list, some good, some bad.  Many people use junk emails when filling out capture forms and rarely read or even see your follow up email.  I did have some minor success but did find a better way to market, you can read my review here.


Lead capture pages are a way for a seller to get a buyer excited into wanting more information and capturing their information.  Many people are tired of receiving emails after signing into lead pages and have set up extra junk emails for just this purpose, I included. They seldom read the autoresponder emails, the main goal of the buyer is to see what is being offered behind the capture page. Many times it is not anything they are really looking for, they just got curious and had to see. Real customers seek you out, no one likes to be sold and that is what capture pages attempt to do.

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10 Responses to Lead Capture Page Review

  1. Diana says:

    Hey Bob, great post. I am not a huge fan of lead capture pages. The majority of them are not honest and you usually have to watch a lengthy video in order to receive what was being offered.

    My pet peeve is when I find a url on Twitter that sounds like a good article to read; and it turns out to be a lead capture page for what is probable a scam.

    I know to stay away from those unless I know the marketer is reputable and is offering a really good free e-book.


  2. Michael Hills says:

    I’m a bit familiar with lead capture pages. But there is some great info here. My question is: which is the best autoresponder for Word Press? Also, what kind of pitch lines are the most effective for capturing leads? Should I be asking questions? Or saying: get these secrets! Should I use a pop up window? Or should it be a permanent page?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for visiting, There are many autoreponders that work, in the past I used AIOP, it is reasonably priced and offers lead capture pages. One of the most popular autoreponders is aweber. The pitch line depends on the goal, most are for building lists and in that case things that are time sensitive, act now, only 50 available, these lines create a sense of urgency. I personally do not like pop up windows and will leave the site without even looking. I find them very annoying and would stay away.

      Hope that helps and again thanks for your comments

  3. Lucas says:

    Wow, this is a informative review. So this is call a Lead Capture Page. I always see those pages on AdFly and Shortest. Some of those Lead Capture Page have really nice pictures, videos, audios and even a timer. And lets not forget the FREE stuff they offer. Is it a good plan to do a Lead Capture Page or just focus on normal affiliate marketing?

    • admin says:

      Lead capture pages are mostly used to build a list of subscribers that you can continue to market to and build relationships. If you build list and continue to provide them value in the way of information, they can become a very loyal subscriber base. Hope that helps


  4. Alan Roy Hocking says:

    Hi Bob

    Great post.

    I’ve tried a few lead capture or “Splash Pages” in my time with varying success rates but as you so rightly pointed out very few people actually read your follow up messages.

    Most of the time I found that people will sign up just to get a free gift or what ever else it is you’re offering and then unsubscribe straight afterwards!

    Alan :)

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Alan, you are spot on with your assessment. I fount the best traffic is organic, when someone finds you via a search engine.

      Thanks again,


  5. Kyle Jones says:

    Good teaching here bob,

    Capture pages are good have you got a capture page kicking about out there i might have seen? Have you heard of Commission Miner? you get a custom made capture page there it’s pretty good! you get ready made email swipes too! Thought it might be something you would be interested in!

    Keep up the solid work!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment, I use team elite home business (read my review), I have made hundreds of pages and like to rotate many of them so they never get old. I will check out the commission miner.

      Thanks Kyle

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