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Are you tired of the rat race?  Have you tried working from home with no success?  I am here today to tell you that you can work from home and succeed, the key is to know what to do and how to do it.  Here I am going to share with you the simplest and quickest way I have found to make a living at home.



First you need a product or service that is in demand, people have to want what you have (many people miss this).  Example, many people promote programs that promise instant wealth and the product is the instant wealth program, better known as a scam.  You are not going to make money selling money programs.  You have to be a user of your own product, the best testimony is your own.  I have found skinny body care to have products I love and this is my primary business.  I use the HiBurn8 which helps reduce stress, manage my weight and helps me sleep a full night.  My wife also uses and loves this product, so it is very easy for us to promote this business, we love it.  You can read my review on skinny body care here.  Once you select the product for your home business you have to decide how to market that product.



Marketing is the plan to bring customers to your business and there are many different ways to market.  The more you use the better, who wants less traffic to their store?  Every business owner should be looking for ways to increase visitors to their store.  The more people who visit the more business you can expect.  Pretty simple good product with good marketing equals income generated.  I know what your thinking, easier said than done, and there is truth to that.   Learning to market effectively is a skill and if not careful can cost a lot of money with little results.  Example – Person has product for elderly people say a new style cane and they take out a commercial add on the cartoon network, results will be very low, it’s not targeted toward their market.  So to start marketing, understand your product and where your market is, then focus you efforts in that area and results will happen.  I use many different forms of marketing, many free but also many are paid for, the old saying takes money to make money can be true.  Here are some of my marketing methods:

Safelists –  A list of subscribers who agree to receive emails from each other, read my review, there are thousands of list.

Banner Advertising – A banner is small logo ad that can be placed on other websites, read my review

Build a website – This takes time and effort but is very effective with search engines, read my review and learn how

Social Media – Huge marketing area, so many people connecting on social media today read my review

Traffic Exchanges – Exchange where members post their site and agree to view others. read my review

Direct Mail – Old fashioned but works, I send simple post cards to people looking to lose weight or make money and it is very effective,  read my review

There are many more methods of marketing and just take time to set up, some I use.

Classified ads, business cards, bulletin boards, flyers and many more.  You are in business for yourself so it is trial and error finding what works for you, but the ones above to work for me and others I have helped.  Biggest bit of advice, have a budget for marketing and stick to it, very easy to go over budget.  If you stick to all free marketing, plan on taking a little longer to get going, don’t give up it does happen, kinda like pushing a rock down a hill, hard at first but the momentum picks up and your off and running.


Working from home is very possible and thanks to the internet everyone can succeed if they work.  The traditional work from home was talking to friends and family (you should still do this), but it is not the only way.  For the very shy and those that don’t want to bother family the internet has opened the door to reach millions of people.  If your looking for a home business with a great product and great team that will put paid members under immediately than you need to click the banner below and take a tour.



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