Neobux Review – Legit

  • Name – Neobux
  • Website –
  • Price – Free or Golden for $90.00 yearly
  • Owner – Fernando since 2008
  • Grade – D
  • Who it’s for – Beginners and Pros


What is Neobux:

PTC stands for Paid to Click.  It is a website where advertisers pay to post their ads and members receive a small portion of the money to click and view the ad.  The concept is advertisers need and audience and people want to earn money, match made, people get paid to view ads and the website provides the platform.

Overall Grade – D

The following criteria was used in determining the grade

  • Potential to earn money – You will earn be able to earn money, but not much without recruiting others.  Neobux pays from .001 to .02 cents per ad viewed.  You will have a much more .001 ads, as a upgraded member you still only receive nine .01 cent ads.  So it takes 10 regular ads to earn 1 penny, you also are limited on how many ads you can read a day.  This is a lot of clicking ads for very low amount of return.  You can also recruit other members and earn from their clicking, provide you are active and keep clicking ads. Grade given – D
  • Training – There is a FAQ section that provides some training and there are a lot of members that offer training on getting referral, but most want you to pay for the information. Grade given – D
  • Support – If you submit a support ticket you will get a quick, helpful response. Appears owner is involved. Grade given – B
  • Testimonials – Many from both sides good and bad, the good have a recruiting system in place and are adding new referrals all the time and that helps the earning.
  • Price – Free membership and Golden upgrade $90.00 for a year. Grade given – B


Neobux is a legitimate company, but as for earning and significant money it is very difficult. You will have to recruit others if you are to make any real money. They do offer referrals you can rent, but they often become inactive and end up costing you money. I did a one year golden membership to test it out and rented many referrals, at the end of my year, I spent $127.00 and earned $138.00. This was $11.00 dollars profit and it was a lot of work, I clicked every ad available every day of that year. I did not miss one day and found it was like a job, I was very happy when the year was up and I got my hour a day back.

If you can recruit people on a regular basis, this might be for you but for the beginner the odds of any real money is very slim and that is the main reason I give it a D grade.

If you would like to build an income online, read my review here


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12 Responses to Neobux Review – Legit or Scam

  1. Randy says:

    Hello there,
    Thank you for this information. It just goes to show that if you want to start something new, especially around making money it pays to do some research. There are so many scams out there that we all have to watch out for. I never even thought about totally legit places like this that have such a poor opportunity for making money.
    I bet a person could make way more money filling in surveys than from this!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comments, and yes you can make some money with surveys. I have found it hard to qualify for many of the surveys and when you do the often ask a lot of personal questions to qualify. Have to give up your privacy for a small return. Very difficult to make money

      Thanks again for your comments

  2. Riaz Shah says:

    Great review you have here Bob,
    Awesome to know that Neobux is legit but I do agree with you that the earning potential is very low. Earning $11 the whole year is very disappointing but at least you managed to get back your investment. Neobux can work I believe, but only if they reduce their price and increase the amount of payout for the ads so until then, its not a good company to sustain ourselves in. Glad to come across your review Bob, appreciated it!

  3. Market Merchant says:

    Wow what an amazing review. I was actually just checking out this company and looking into possibly joining. Then I came across your review as if meant to be. lol
    I read it saw your “D” rating, and wow I was shocked. NOT worth looking into AT ALL, in my opinion. Based on your review. Thank you for giving me this info before being scammed myself.
    Zach Campbell
    Market Merchant (MM+)

  4. Jess says:

    Neobux sounds like a horrible waste of time!

    If you don’t upgrade your membership then it could take a year to earn a whole dollar! (Yes, I am being slightly sarcastic on that but not much.)

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the Neobux company. It sounds like this is not really scam but not worth putting the time into.

    What do you recommend instead for making some extra money?


  5. Hayden says:

    I have been looking for some Neobux reviews. I can definitely reference your review. I’ve been reading many reviews and mostly people say the potential earning is too low. And also I’ve read some positive reviews too. I don’t know if i am going for it or not, but you gave it a grade “D” What do you think about their customer service support?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Hayden, I did find their customer service to be really good. The main reason I gave the low grade was the number of people you need clicking for pennies to make any real money. Recruiting can be hard enough but to rely on them clicking daily was even tougher.

      Again thanks for the comment

  6. Bree Gaell says:

    Work from home

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