Starting New project – The Power of One!

I have been online  a long time and have seen so many people come and go, I have also seen people spend way to much money and never see any results.  So I have come up with this new project to change all that.  There are different ways to be successful online and so take a lot of knowledge and time, building a website or youtube channel takes time and you need to learn how to effectively build for traffic.  Most people jumping around looking for the right opportunity, do not want to take the time to learn a new skill, what they are looking for is something simple they can do in their spare time.

That is what brought the idea The Power of One to Life

I looked for something that had some key qualities that would work

  1.  It has to have extreme value – Many programs offer money making opportunities but have no real value.  Whatever you do has to have a valuable product, something people need and use.  If you have no product or a poor product the people you sponsor will quit quickly if not making money, why else would they stay?
  2. It has to be affordable – Overpriced products and programs put people financially in the hole, most join programs to make money and spending sends them running. So I wanted a program that was less than a dollar a day.
  3. It has to have a residual pay plan – To key on the above, it has to have long term wealth built in and has to be self funding quickly.  When you have residual it usually comes with monthly subscription, so it had to become profitable quickly.
  4. It has to be simple –  By this I mean has to be something you don’t have to stir up tons and tons of customers.  Wanted something that would work if you just found one customer a month, the lowest possible number.  To be in business means you have to have customers and finding one a month is the lowest number possible.
  5. It had to be something you could commit a year to –  This ties it all together, If I meet the top 4 this is easy.  If it has value and paying for itself it is simple to commit.


The Power of One is a Project put together to help you or anyone struggling online make a life changing income.  Take a look, give a year and see where you are, our team will provide you with the support you need, to do this right.  I have not found anything that makes it this simple to follow.  You can even start with a 30 day free trial, what could be simpler? Enter your name and email below and check your email for details.


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