No Marketer Left Behind Review – LEGIT

  • Name: No Marketer Left Behind
  • Website:
  • Owner: Frank Salinas
  • Grade: A for safelists
  • Who is it For: People looking for traffic, safelist users

What is No Marketer Left Behind

No markerter left behind is a viral advertising list building system that generates leads.  Upon joining for free you are given $200 in free advertising and access to free internet marketing gifts.  What makes this list unique is you get to add your own opt in form to the main page, this means anyone who opts in is added to your list before they ever join no marketer left behind.   click here to learn about safelists.

Here is an overview to watch:

Overall Grade – A

  • Potential to earn income – You can earn from %20 to %100 commissions referring other members and the amount is based on membership level.  Grade – A
  • Training – Pretty basic, has a start here tab and walks you through setting things up. Grade – B
  • Support – Very Good, Frank Salinas is an involved owner and takes care of any questions. Grade – A
  • Owner – Frank Salinas, he has a lot of internet experience and very successful.  Grade – A
  • Price –  Free with upgrades available, at initial sign up you are offered some OTOs (One Time offers), which are lifetime memberships where you never pay again.  I upgraded to the highest level founding member.  Total price of upgrades $139.00.  Benefits are being able to mail thousands daily, 5 solo ads, lifetime banner and text ads. Free members can email 300 members every week and additional with credits.
  • Testimonials –  Members using the list have found it very responsive with a lot of active members.


If you want a good list to email to this is it. I do recommend upgrading and taking advantage of lifetime membership. Pay once and mail for a lifetime.  Many people buy solo ads and they do produce results, however once sent they are done.  With a viral list and a lifetime membership you can continue to mail and see results for years to come.  Plus as an upgraded member you earn higher commissions as your team grows.

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