Postcard Networker Review: LEGIT

  • Name:  Postcard Networker
  • Website:
  • Price: Free To Join
  • Owner:  Joel Broughton
  • Grade:  Initial A, but waiting on results
  • Who it’s for:  Anyone trying to build a team, networkers




What is Postcard Networker



Postcard Networker is a program for helping people find people for their business using postcard mailing.  What makes this program interesting is that you get a match of any postcards your referrals order.  So once you have generated some referrals by mailing postcards you start to receive your cards free and then some.  Most mailing programs become to expensive when taking into account the postcards, leads and stamps.  Postcard Networker has solved these problems.  I have just started and am sending my postcards and will update this post with my results as they come in.

Overall Grade – Initially it’s an A (waiting on results)

The following criteria was used in determining the grade:

  • Potential to make money – Looks very good, a simple to use program, order postcards which come with the lead already on the card, when they arrive attach a postcard stamp and mail.  When someone joins and orders postcards you receive a commission on the postcard and a matching number of postcards for you.  The money depends on results,  I just started and purchased 200 postcards and upgraded to gold which gave me an additional 300 postcards.  So this week I sent 500 Postcards.  Will update my results as they come in.  Once someone is a member and using the postcards to build their team, other products are available which also earn commission, up to 4 income streams.  I do like this as it is easy for anyone to recruit, purchase postcards, affix a stamp and mail (doesn’t get any easier).  Initial grade – A
  • Training – Not much to teach, stick a stamp and mail.  However, Joel does conduct a weekly training call Saturday morning at 10am eastern time.  The number is (712) 770-4010 and the access code is 200849.  If you miss the call they are recorded and you can listen to the last one at  (215) 358-4303.
  • Testimonials –  There a lot of positive which is very encouraging, they do have a testimonial hotline where you can listen to members testimonies at  (215) 358 4298.
  • Owner – Joel Broughton,  Very likeable guy that is easy to understand and keeps it simple.  He has a lot of experience in the market and has been very successful and sincerely wants to help others succeed.
  • Price – Free to join, but you will want to purchase postcards, they do offer a special deal when you sign up which is a good starting point.



I joined as it is another form of marketing and it is important to market as many ways possible, with the matching postcards it makes it feasible and affordable (if their is a response).  The other part is the way it is set up you get paid when others promote, that is incredible, regardless what they are promoting.  The other fact is that anyone can do this,  order, stamp, mail and repeat. Simple,  I found many people want to make money but don’t have the skills to build a website nor do they want to learn.  Safelists and traffic exchanges require a lot of work clicking for credits and sending emails with a very low response rate.  With 4 income streams from one postcard makes this a winner in the making.  All this depends on my mailing results, which I will update as time goes on.

If your like me and see this as a potential winner, click on the get started below to get a free account.


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6 Responses to Postcard Networker Review – Legit or Scam

  1. Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Bob,
    I’ve heard of earning commissions through junkmail but postcards? There really are many ways we can earn today, it gets so exciting.

    Postcard networker sounds interesting and I really wanna give it a try but one question though, is there a limitation for which country is eligible to join?

    • admin says:

      No, they do offer a way for other countries to use the marketing, join free and then submit a support ticket

      Thanks for the comment


  2. Russ says:

    Any results yet?

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Bob, This sounds really interesting but I’ve been unable to reach my upline or the company itself after leaving multiple messages. What gives? Are they still up and running or what? Please respond as I’d love to do this if it’s what it’s cracked up to be. Thanks!

    • Bob Brooks says:

      Hello, I need to update my postcard networker post. My results have not been the
      best, they also changed the pay plan and have a monthly fee, I am no longer using
      postcard networker to generate leads or income. You can read about my number one
      money maker
      click here
      Learn Lead generation – click here

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