Follow up to my last post – Update on my results

I started back in October and have been mailing a 100 cards a week, and to date I have sent 500 postcards.  My results are looking good, I have 14 new members in my backoffice.  I have made $100.00 dollars and received matching 500 postcards which will be going out over the next five weeks.  Some will look at this and think – you spent more than you made.  This is true so far, but the next 500 cards I send were free and over the long term it will go the other way.  The big and I mean big plus is 14 people,  I do a lot of marketing online with safelists and traffic exchanges and it takesa a lot of clicking and sending to get 14.  The postcards were very simple and it is easy to duplicate.  I don’t have to teach them to sign up to 50 safelists and exchanges. Just send postcards.

So my grade thus far remains an A+

I will continue to send 100 every week as being consistent is key,  I have heard some say they will not send during the Christmas season as it can be slow.  My answer is, you just guaranteed it to be slow by not sending.  When in business it is the consistent and persistent practices that build success.  What if I have one referral and that person ends up referring 1000 people, was it worth my marketing? Yes, in huge way.

Another big positive I found was the online marketing training the have available, it has helped my online presence immensely.  Till now I use my websites, safelists, traffic exchanges, classifieds and now I use Youtube.  Postcard networker has taught me how to build and rank videos, plus they provide a ton of content we can use.  Check out my latest video on what is postcard networker.

There are 4 possible income streams with postcard networker, this is great marketing addition to you current business and will bring a lot of additional money. Check out my other videos and subscribe to my youtube channel here.


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