AdSolutiOnline Review – Very Good Mailer

  • Name: Adsolutiononline
  • Website:
  • Price: Free, no upgrades available at this time
  • Grade: B+ when comparing to other mailers
  • Owner: Dmitriy Motorykin
  • Who is it for: People looking for traffic
  • Total Members: 29547


What is Adsolutiononline

Adsolutiononline is another safelist mailer that allows members to send their ad to other members, spam free.  A credit based mailer where you earn credits by viewing other members ads and then use those credits to send your own ad.  This guarantees traffic to your site with no spam complaints.  They offer couple different mailing options: regular mailer allows the member to send 700 emails a day to random members and credit bases which allows you to mail to the number of credits you want to use.

They do not offer any upgrades which makes this a very fair safelist for all members are at the same level and how much you can mail depends on how many ads you view.   They do offer solo ads which can be purchased and then your email is sent the entire mailing lists contact email, this brings a much better response. Solo ads also offer more credits for reading. Most members read these first to get the maximum credits in a short time.

There is not tracking of your link within adsolutiononline and it is recommended you use a tracking link to monitor your results.  I use Allinoneprofits and you can read my review here.  Here are my 5 day results for Adsolutiononline: 1069 hits.  That was sending the max number of credits 13012. Roughly 200 hits a day to my site.  Received 4 new members to my list with no sales conversions during the 5 day period.

There is also a banner rotation, that allows you to list your banner and have it rotation as long as you have credits.


Adsoulution has been around since 2009 and has a lot of active members.  My personal experience is the traffic level is good, but with all safelist advertising conversions to sales are low.  The primary reason for low conversions is the reader is not looking for what you have, they are only trying to get credits, but if you are interesting they will opt in or join if free to see what you have.  The conversions usually come through follow up emails once they are on your list.

Other factors that contribute to low response rates can be your ad itself, what is your subject line?  Does it make someone want to see what it’s about?  Are you using a lead capture page that has the view wanting to know more? Perhaps offer a free how to ebook if they opt in. All these things can have an impact on your results. I have found the best results are when the visitor is looking for you and wants to see what you have, I learned how to do this at wealthy affiliate, read my review here.

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