Land Marketing Mailer Review – Slightly below average for safelists

  • Name: Land Marketing Mailer
  • Website:
  • Price: Free with monthly and lifetime upgrades available
  • Owners: Louise Deavin and Doug Forbes
  • Grade: C-, based on my personal experience, I am a Lifetime member
  • Who it’s For: Marketers who need to generate traffic



What is Land Marketing Mailer

Land Marketing Mailer is another safelist that allows members to email other members based on a credit system.  Members earn credits by reading other members email ads and then use these credits to send their own email ads.  This prevents spamming and ensures you ad is viewed be other members.  Credits are also obtained on monthly basis as a member and additional credits for being an upgraded member.  The number of emails a member can send is based on the number of credits they have and the size of the list.  Most lists and this one included offer commission for referring other members, this helps the list grow. Here are the membership levels available:

The have 2 one time offers available upon sign up:



Just $79.95/One Time Only Payment

Grab It Before Your Downline Does!

Has All These Great Features:
* Mail Twice per Day with Colorful HTML
* Mail Your Downline For Free
* 30000 Credits Per Month
* Mail ALL Members
* 50% Commission on OTO Sales
* 40% on Residual Sales
* 40 Credits per Click With 6 Second Timer
* Land Marketing Famous Support

Enjoy these great features forever

FOR ONLY $79.95/ One Time Payment



Want Even More Benefits?


Has All These Great Features:

12 Mailings a Day
300,000 Credits a Month
3 sec timer
Only Receive 20 Upgraded Member Mails each Day
500 credits for Opening
60% Commission OTO
50% Commission Inside Sales
Receive Random Referrals

Price Only $149.90 One Time Payment

Here are additional upgrade prices:

Mission Specialist!

  • Mail Every Day
  • Mail your Downline For Free
  • 30 Credits Per Click
  • 8 Second Timer
  • 20000 Bonus Credits Per Month-will increase as membership grows
  • 35% Commissions On Referral Purchases-40% on OTO!
  • $8.99 monthly, $17.97 per quarter yr or  59.95 yearly


  • Mail Every 2nd Day
  • Mail Your Downline For Free
  • 20 Credits Per Click
  • 9 Second Timer
  • 30000 Bonus Credits for 3 months will increase as membership grows
  • 25% Commissions on Referral Purchases, 30% from OTO sale
  • $4.95 monthly or $11.95 for 3 months

Mission Control

  • Same as the OTO offer for mission control but upgrading now will add $30.00 to the cost making upgrade $179.95



As you can see there are plenty of upgrades available to fit any budget.  My personal results run lower than other safelists, I have about a 1% click rate where on better lists, I can see that number up around 3 t0 5% click rate.  I think the issue is that everyone is given enough credits to mail the entire list, leaving no real incentive to click on emails for credits.  Important note to keep in mind with any safelist is that the traffic is not targeted and is pretty generic and this leads to poor results for conversion.  This is obvious as members are only clicking on ads to get credits, there is no real interest in what you are offering.  Occasionally you will find one or two people, but overall your results will be low.  I am a lifetime member and upgraded when safelists were my only real way to getting my opportunity in front of someone.  Today I generate quality targeted visitors who are looking for me, via search engines.  If you would like to know how to generate real quality visitors then read my review here.


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