List Builder Mayhem Review – Poor for Traffic Generation

  • Name: List Builder Mayhem
  • Website:
  • Price: Free and upgrade to $7.77 monthly
  • Owner: Brent Bertsch
  • Grade: D+
  • Who it’s for: Marketers looking for traffic


What is List Builder Mayhem

A viral mailer that allows members to email other members using credits earned by viewing others email ads. A new and unique thing with List Builder is that any emails sent that are unopened, the credits for that ad are returned to the member.  This allows you to use less credits when sending the ad.  Down side is no one seems to need credits, you get 2000 credits just for joining and if you get a 2% click rate that means your using 20 credits per mailing, and that’s if you get 2%.  They do have click competitions where you can earn credits and also have a weekly drawing for cash, no minimum withdrawal amount. Does help keep members active. They do offer upgrades and commissions for referrals, see chart below


Pandemonium – Monthly


Havoc – Monthly


Commotion -Monthly


When I joined I was offered an OTO (One time Offer) to be a lifetime member, which I did.  Looking back wish I had saved the money as the results are poor at best when compared to my other lists.  The returned credits seem like a good idea, but now no one needs credits and that reduces the results.  I have earned 5 dollars from the weekly drawing when I was actively clicking in the one on one competition.  The amount of time spent clicking and the amount I earned in the weekly drawing was not worth the time.  My average results on a mailing of 2700 range from 7 to 15 clicks, less than 1% click rate.  I do much better with other lists using same email ad and subject line.


If your looking for traffic there are many other safelists that provide better results per mailing.  It is easy to see why they are appealing with giving unused credit clicks back, but defeats the entire purpose.  Why would anyone want to click an ad if they don’t need credits? They don’t, my results prove that, I still email everyday and change subject and ad hoping for better results but not happening.  For that reason is why I give this list a poor grade. People join safelists to generate traffic and this does not provide enough.


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4 Responses to Safelist Review – List Builder Mayhem

  1. Torrey says:

    I’m a bit new to the internet marketing business. Seems like there has to be a more legitamite way to build an emailing list than by sending thousands and thousands of emails just to other advertisers. Here in the very near future I will be looking into creating a squeeze page to have people sign up for a mailing list. I realize that I am really new with this and many others have far more knowledge and experience than I. Lets have some discussion!!

    • admin says:

      You are correct, it is a low return form of advertising, and in my post about safelists in general you will see I state it is a very low success form of advertising. Organic traffic from search engines is by far the best. Early in my online venture the so called gurus got me started with safelist advertising, don’t do as much today but still use as it does generate some good referrals of people who are struggling. It allows me to help change how the do business. here is my safelist review

  2. peter65 says:

    Am still learning, not quite familiar with list building and how it generates traffic for our businesses.
    Please, would want to know how it works and it,s benefit as regard our business.Looking forward to hearing to hearing from you.
    Thanks for your cooperation, all the best, God bless you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Peter, I am going to write a more in depth post on list building real soon. List building allows you to capture potential customer emails so you can send follow up emails over time. Many people need to see something a few times to decide and once they leave our website, chances are they did not bookmark it. So by having them on a list you can send them more information and offers over time. That’s the main part of list building. Here is a post where I touched on it a little:

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