List Joe Review – Okay Mailer For Free Member

  • Name: List Joe
  • Website:
  • Price: Free and upgrades range from $37.00 to $397.00
  • Owner: Jonah Klimack
  • Grade: C+ compared to other safelists
  • Who it’s for:  Anyone looking to generate traffic


What is List Joe

List Joe is an easy to use email marketing service.  Once signed in the member clicks on send mail,  then fills out the URL they are advertising, add a subject line and email ad copy, then clicks  how many credits they want to spend and then hit send.  How much and how often you can email depends on membership level. See chart below:

Your Benefits Free Bronze Silver Gold
Mail Frequency Every 7 days Every 3 days Every 3 days Every 3 days
Bonus Prospects Emailed per Month 0 5000 15,000 30,000
Bonus Credits Added to Every Email  x 500 1500 3000
Random Members Added to Downline  x  y  y  y
Higher Commissions for Referring Paid Members  x  y  y  y
Fully Customized and Branded Emails  x  y  y  y
Get Spotlight Ad impressions  x  x  x  y
Get Your Login Ad displayed when members log into ListJoe  x  x  x  y
Top Email Ads in Emails Sent Between Members  x  x  x  y
Full Access to Integrated Top Member ads  x  y  y  y
Priority support  x  y  y  y


Membership Options

  • Pro – Free
  • Bronze – $37.00 Monthly
  • Silver – $47.00 Monthly
  • Gold – $65.00 Monthly
  • 6 Month Gold – $197.00
  • Yearly Gold – $397.00

My current level is a free member and I mail using a 1000 credits every week. I have had 65 clicks on my link with no conversions after 3 weeks of mailings. I have had memberships at higher levels and was 6 month gold the first half of 2015, my results were much better on the traffic side but still had not conversions.  I will admit at that time I did not have this site and was promoting an affiliate link that was the same as everyone else, this will impact your results as it did mine.  Traffic volume was pretty good at that level and mailing every 3 days was a big plus and no clicking for credits.


Being a member of hundreds of safelists, I find this one to be okay. I would like it better if the free membership allowed a mailing every 3 days, waiting seven days and receiving 10 to 20 clicks is not worth the clicking for credits when other lists provide better mailings. List joe gives 15 credits for each email you read, takes a lot to get to 1000 credits. I found the paid memberships to be very expensive compared to other lists.  That is why I give this a C+ compared to other lists.  Safelist advertising has a low result level to start with being we are all there to advertise our site and only read others emails to get credit.  Quality traffic comes when the visitor is looking for what you have.  Read my number 1 review here.


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