Mighty Mouse Mailer Review – Good (new and growing list)

  • Name: Mighty Mouse Mailer
  • Website: www.mightymousemailer.com
  • Price: Free and upgrades, top upgrade life time $29.50
  • Owner: Richard Daigle
  • Grade: B
  • Who is it for: Traffic generators


What is Mighty Mouse Mailer

Mighty Mouse Mailer is another safelist to help generate traffic. Members read other members email ads for credits and then are allowed to email their own email ad.  This eliminates the potential for spam as all members agreed to receive email in order to send their emails.  Same problem as with all safelists is that no one is looking for you, they only look at your ad for credits to sent their own.  So as you can figure, results are low when it comes to converting.  However they do convert some and can be used as another source of traffic.  Mighty Mouse currently has over 1200 members.  They offer a free membership and 2 monthly memberships and a lifetime if you take advantage of it the first time you log in.  They call it an OTO (one time offer).  Many lists have this and if you are going to use safelists the oto is usually a very good deal, and in this case it is. Check out the membership chart below.

Membership Level
Mighty Pro Lifetime
Mighty Gold Lifetime
Mighty Platinum Lifetime
(TOP Upgrade)
Email Read Bonus
Mail How Many
Mail How Often
24 Hours
12 Hours
6 Hours
Credits Every Month
Referral Credits
5% Credits
10% Credits
15% Credits
Mail Free Referrals
Max Templates
Monthly Banner Imp.
Monthly Text Imp.
Credits Per Click
Surf Timers
8 Seconds
6 Seconds
4 Seconds
Banner Imp. Per Credit
Text Imp. Per Credit
Allow Scheduled Mailing
Max Scheduled Days
3 Days
7 Days
30 Days
Best Lifetime Price




I am a lifetime member as I have been using safelists for years.  I don’t use them as much, since now I know how to generate organic traffic (people searching for me).  My results are far better now than they ever were with safelists, read my review here.  My mailing with mighty mouse generate about a 3% click thru rate, which means I receive about 25 to 50 hits for every mailing.  Not a lot when you mail 1200 emails, but this is done with one click of the button.  Mighty Mouse list is growing and does offer commissions for referring other members which is nice, but means you promote this list and not your opportunity or product.



Like I said, I don’t use safelists as much as I used to, although I do still use them.  When I started online, safelist emailing was my only source of traffic and I joined hundreds of lists. Many are lifetime upgrades meaning I have plenty of credits and never have to spend any money or time clicking for credits.  So why not keep using them, they are quick and simple to use and do generate traffic and an occasional conversion.  This particular list has a very low lifetime upgrade and is one list I would recommend.  Richard  Daigle owns numerous lists and is actively involved and supports his members.  So if you are going to use safelists, this is a good one, that is why I gave it a B grade compared to other lists.


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4 Responses to Safelist Review – Mighty Mouse Mailer

  1. Floxit says:

    They decided to remove all my commission earned for reading mail because they consider I’m making “nothing” but “clicking for earning cash”.

    So, reading the mail of members on a safelist is making “nothing” ? Now, they decide you must have 10 real referrals to receive commission, but they also remove all your commission without warning. They could be freeze the earned cash and I would make ads on others safelists and advertising website for referrals, but no.

    You could read the warning in the support about this decision, this is awful how they threat their “free members” like guys stealing him. He just didn’t respect the contract, and should never give cash in its safelist.

    Furthermore, you need 35$ for cashout by Payza, wich look like pretty high. I suspect he gave “cash for reading email” with the money of members, and no benefits.

    That’s the worst safelist admin I ever see. So yes, I’ve credits, but I feel like “scammed” by the fake incentive.

    Take care, and thank you for your review.

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