State Of The Art Mailer Review – Excellent Mailer

  • Name: State-Of-The-Art-Mailer
  • website:
  • Price: Free and up to $96.00 for highest upgrade level
  • Owners/Creators: Jaye Pause and Brad Webb
  • Grade: A- when compared to other safelists and mailers
  • Who it’s for: Anyone looking for traffic to their website
  • Total Members: Currently over 30,000


What is State Of The Art Mailer or SOTAM

SOTAM is a viral mailing system that allows members to send emails to other members. How many members you can email depends on your membership level. Free members can prepare an email and send it to 500 other members with the click of a button every 7 days.

A unique feature of SOTAM is the button escalation. You can earn higher levels by reading email ads for credits or paying for an upgrade to that level.  Current available escalation buttons are 1500, 3000, 5000, 7500, 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000 and the current top escalation level 30000.  As you can see there are over 30000 members to SOTAM.

So the big question is what are the results?  Here is what they show on the site for results:

Member Button Level 500 1500 3000 5000 7500 Viralist (30,000)
Click Rates (MAX Button Escalation) 130 216 270 938 938 (Not Needed)
Click Rates (NO Button Escalation) 31 68 130 216 270 938!

I am currently at the viralist level and below are my actual results:

Mailing History – Last 10 Emails Sent

Sent On Subject/Link Sent To Clicks Status
2016-01-14   30000 347 Running
2016-01-11   30000 471 Running
2016-01-08   30000 917 Extended
2016-01-05   30000 1002 Expired
2016-01-02   30000 983 Expired
2015-12-30   30000 1155 Expired
2015-12-27   30000 1025 Expired
2015-12-24   30000 871 Expired
2015-12-21   30000 880 Expired
2015-12-18   30000 880 Expired

As you can see I am receiving slightly above the average results, but based on mailing every 3 days with rounded figure of 900 clicks to my website comes to roughly 9000 visitors a month. My conversion rate is about 1%, which is building my list nicely, I have also had people join my primary opportunity and upgrade.


SOTAM has been around a while and is one of the best mailers that is very responsive.  As with all safelist advertising the results for conversion can run on the low side as most people reading your ad are reading it for credit with little interest in what you have.  It is however great for list building and follow up email advertising.  Safelist advertising can work but takes a lot of work and means joining multiple safelists and looking at a lot of ads.  Other than safelists you should have many methods of generating traffic to your site.

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  1. Keith L Hoytt says:

    I still someone to show the ropes on how monetize from this.

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