The Online Ad Network/TOAN Review – Legit

  • Name: TheOnlineAdNetwork or TOAN
  • Website: www.theonlineadnework.com
  • Owner: Brian Rooney
  • Price: First 15 days are free and then 19.95 monthly
  • Grade: C

Toan allows the subscriber to run unlimited banner and text ads, which will be seen from the  promotions that TOAN runs around the world.  They claim to drive targeted visitors to your banner or text ads.  They also offer a mlm commission structure for referring others to the online ad network, 3×10 matrix.

Overall Grade – D

The following criteria was used in determining the grade:

  • Potential to earn money – I was a member for a very short time and found the making money side to be like any other mlm or matrix program on the net.  I found that you recommend the opportunity more than the product and I believe that a good company would have the product first.  When all you really promote is the opportunity to make money it makes it very difficult to bring others onboard, due to so many opportunities around.  When someone did join, they did not last long and back to square one. Very difficult to build an organization, grade given – D.
  • Training – The training is good and will get you posting your text and banner ads quickly, they also provide the usually program provided affiliate links, banners, text and email ad copy for promoting Toan. Grade given – C.
  • Product – Unlimited banner and text ads that they promote around the world.  This sounds great but when you look at the results, quality traffic production is very low. This stands to reason when you think about how many banner and text ads they are promoting for all their members.  Where is your ad placed top, middle or bottom?  Another thought, think about when you come across a website with nothing but a bunch of ads, how many do click on?  Again the real product they promote is the opportunity, giving this a grade – D.
  • Price – You can try Toan for 15 days free and then they will start charging you 19.95 monthly.  If you take the free trial and don’t plan on upgrading, you better watch your calendar because you will be charged on day 16.
  • Commission Plan – The commission plan is a 3×10 matrix structure, meaning 3 on your first level, then 9 on the second level and 27 on third. You go down to level 10 each level has 3 times more people. They also have qualifiers to earn on certain levels, see chart below.  It will take a sizable number of people to earn real money. Grade given – D.



If your looking for a way to advertise or a source of income online there are better ways.  The Online Ad Network is a legitimate company run by Brian Rooney who also runs Trafficwave (an autoresponder), but doesn’t live up to expectations in my opinion. I have found that you have better results when you have your own website and people find you instead of a bunch of ads trying to find people. If you would like to learn the techniques that successful people online use, then read my review here.


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2 Responses to The Online Ad Network Review – Legit or Scam

  1. Mmm you say that TOAN is not a good product then, on the other hand, your pushing your affiliate program Wealthy Affiliate. They are basically advertising their product just as TOAN, not really selling any physical products just Wealthy Affiliate program to others who do what you do write a review on someone else’s product and redirecting them to wealth Affiliate. People are starting to wake up to this because there are thousands of reviews along the same lines.

    • Bob Brooks says:

      Thank you for your comment, first TOAN is a legit program and my review states that it is legit. I write reviews based on my experience with
      the products. I used TOAN and found the response limited, my website with wealthy affiliate opens more doors for connecting with others. Your
      comment is proof, that I connect with others. Yes there are many people using wealthy affiliate and reviewing other programs and that is because
      most have tried many programs and failed. Wealthy affiliate has taught me how to build a website that not only reviews programs I have tried but
      also provides a platform for me to help others with building a business, i.e. building a list, using capture pages, email marketing. My site is
      meant to help from my experience. I am very satisfied with the training I received with wealthy affiliate, many use that training for other sites
      such as fitness and health and well being. I do appreciate your comments and wish you the best.
      Thanks again,

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