Tips to Building a Great Lead Capture pages

What is a  lead capture page, it is a lead generating page that directs the visitor to a better targeted page. If you only promote your main website your conversion rate will be much lower, the capture page provides the wow factor and most important captures the visitor email for further follow up.

So some tips on what makes a converting page:

  • Know your target audience – your capture page should be relevant to your audience
  • Headline – Your headline should stand out at the top of the page. It is the first and main thing a visitor will see.  Should be relevant and have a call to action and have an offer.
  • Layout – Should be attractive and be easy for the visitor to understand and know what they will get if they opt in
  • Opt in – Must have a place for the visitor to leave their information.  This allows for future follow up

Biggest tip – keep your pages realistic, I see so many that promise 100k in 30 days, this is not realistic and the only folks you will have sign up are the dreamers and get rich quick crowd.  They never last, once they see it is not achievable they leave.  They other common mistake I see is providing to much information, what incentive do the have to opt in?  They all ready think they saw it all, have a free gift offer or a promise for more information.  This is what converts.

How to build a lead capture page with All In One Profits

Building a page is not that difficult, I use All in one profits as the have a basic template to follow and makes it easy.  I have a video below that will walk you through building the page.  AIOP also has tutorials in the back office that walk through the steps of building a capture page.  Remember if you are using a capture page, you will need to have an autoresponder set up.  Once the enter their information the autoresponder will direct them to your main site and start sending auto follow up messages.



Lead capture pages are great for generating leads and building a subscriber list.  Be sure to be relevant to your business or you will not have much success.  Also create your own capture pages, even if the company provides them for you.  Using company provided capture pages tend to be seen over and over again, causing you to lose visitors.  Be creative and be sure to track your success, that way when you create a high converting  page you will know.


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