Traffic Exchange Review – Legit

  • Name: Many different traffic exchange sites
  • Price: Free membership with upgrades available on monthly charge
  • Grade: D
  • Who is it for: Beginner or Pro, whoever needs traffic


traffic exchanges


What is a Traffic Exchange

A traffic exchange is a website that allows members to exchange traffic.  Simply put I show you mine and you show me yours type of service.  Members receive credits for viewing other members websites and then use the credits to have their website shown to other members.  Once a member you click on the surf tab and will start viewing other members sites for 10 to 30 seconds and then click a matching icon to receive credit for the view.  Unlike safelists there is no waiting period between having your site up in rotation, the only requirement is that you have credits.  Also there are no emails to read or process, just surf and receive credits.


Overall Grade – D

The following criteria was used in determining the grade:

  • Potential to earn an income –  I have belonged to many traffic exchanges over the years and have not had much success. While surfing you see the same affiliate sites over and over, plus you only there for the credits and not really looking at the sites.  A big problem is, if you belong to multiple exchanges you will surf  a lot at the same time with multiple tabs thus leaving less time actually looking at any one site.  Once again everyone is selling and not looking for you or your site. Grade given – D
  • Training – Fair, only because there isn’t much to learn here. Click on surf, wait for timer, click matching icon and receive credit. Next post your link and your done.
  • Testimonials –  I have had many people say they have success with exchanges, not sure if they really are or if they just want to recruit you for the extra credits they receive and possibly a small commission if you upgrade. Have read quite a few negative testimonials that it is a lot of work for little results.
  • Price –  Most all are free but will require a lot of surfing to build up credits, upgrades can range from $9.00 a month on up, depending on the exchange.



A lot of work for very little return, when I was using traffic exchanges I would try to surf 200 pages per exchange and I was using over 10 exchanges. That was over 2000 pages of ads I would look at so I could post my page. Very time consuming and mind numbing way to spend an evening.  I started online to free up time and this was not doing it, the idea of doing that every night got real old and I gave up on exchanges.  The main reason for the low results in my opinion is that everyone is there to promote their opportunity and are surfing as quick as they can for the credit. They will not take time to look at something they see, they are on credit mission.  If you are going to use traffic exchanges you must use a simple and effective splash page, if you can catch the visitors attention, just maybe they will click on the splash page.  To much text and no one will take the time to read it.  My recommendation is stay away, there is a better way.


The Better Way

Instead of shoving your ad or website in front of people who really aren’t interested, why not learn how to attract people who are interested to your website.  Have them find you, instead of you looking for them.  Many marketers are looking for a way to get an ad in front of people, the successful marketers have visitors coming to them.  I made this shift this year and it changed my entire business for the better. Read my review here and learn a better way.


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2 Responses to Traffic Exchange Review

  1. Omar Saady says:

    Hello BOB BROOKS,

    I really want to thank you so much for crafting this awesome stuff about traffic exchange review. I`m totally agreeing with your though of using a simple and effective splash page that grab the visitors attention rather than promoting pages with to much text. Personally I used TE for a while and achieved much success with that concept, I promote just my landing or squeeze page that captures emails and grow my list to make profits on the long run term.

    Thanks so much
    All my best,

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