Paid To Click (PTC) Review – Legit

  • Name – PTC many various sites many are scams
  • Price – Free memberships with upgrades up to $99.00 yearly
  • Grade – D
  • Who are they for – Beginners, and advertisers

paid to click

What are they and how do they work

PTC sites are an advertising platform where advertisers pay to have visitors sent to their site, the PTC pays members a small amount of money to view the ads, normal .0001 to .01 cent.  It is very simple for the beginner to make money as all they do is click on ads and receive money.  The idea is to join numerous PTC sites and click daily. You also receive money when any of your referrals click and read ads.

Overall Grade – Big Fat D

The following criteria was used in determining the grade

  • Potential to earn money – Very low potential without referring others.  I worked the PTC sites for a year and had joined 18 different programs and settled on 10 that I liked. During that year the most I made in profit for a day was $1.15, my normal monthy was running about $20.00 and I was working 2 hours a day.  I did try to recruit and even bought referrals offered by the PTC companies. The problem was getting the referrals to click daily, when you only make pennies a day for lot’s of time, people quit.  Like most programs the income is built on recruiting more than anything, and this is the key that most can not accomplish.  One last note, if you want to earn on your referrals you have to click daily and stay active or you will not earn from your referrals.  Grade given – D.
  • Training – Very little training provided on how to get other members clicking, there are a lot of offers and ebooks available on the net that claim to show you how to build a PTC business.  I purchased 2 over the year and both led me to believe the author was making money from the ebook and not the PTC sites. One actually gave the rights to sell the ebook and make money.  Pretty much the same as most programs, promote the link they give. Grade given – D
  • Support – Pretty good, if you submit a support ticket most respond quickly. Grade given – B
  • Testimonials – Good mix of both, those that recruited and built a clicking force have great reviews, the average beginner on the net leave poor reviews. Grade given – C
  • Price – Free with upgrades available, the higher the upgrade the higher amount you are paid to click on ads. The highest I found was .02 cents.


Not for me, I gave the PTC method of making money a 14 month effort.  I joined 18 different sites and settled on the 10 that paid the best.  I actually had one that I reached the minimum payout and they never paid, so note be careful, some are scams.  Anyway after picking 10 and upgrading 5 to a yearly membership I was on my way, clicking daily and even bought some referrals on a monthly charge.  I found my best day in that year was $1.15 and averaged about $20 a month. I was also actively trying to recruit via safelist and traffic exchange advertising with very low results.  So after a year, with the upgrades referral purchases, I actually lost money.  I was spending up to 3 hours a day clicking ads and advertising.  I even brought my computer on vacation over Christmas and made sure I clicked everyday.  Looking back it was a horrible year with a lot of wasted time to lose money.

My Recommendation

Stay away from the PTC world when it comes to trying to make money and for that matter stay away as an advertiser,  because you wa_logo_open_graph_defaultwill get a lot of hits to your site but low quality traffic as most are clicking for pennies.  If you really want to make money online you need to learn the right way to build a long term business, read my review here, for my number one recommendation.  Trust me on this – I tried them all, and wealthy affiliate works.

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