Which is Better, Solo Ads or Safelist Credit Ads?

Most would say Solo Ads as they provide a higher conversion rate than a safelist credit based ad.  I would disagree with solo ads and will show why I know safelist credit ads are better and more cost effective.  I’ll start by explaining what they are and the pros and cons.

Solo Ads


They are one time mailing that you purchase from a vendor who has created a list of potential buyers.  You purchase a solo ad for guaranteed clicks, normally will pay about 60 cents per click, so for 100 clicks you would spend $100.00.  The larger amount of clicks you purchase the lower per click price.  Solo ads are very effective provided you use them correctly, i.e. use capture page, good subject and email text and good vendor.  I have found with a good vendor I can get up to 40% response, 40 opt ins and best sales were 6 out of 100. Not bad and can really give a boost to you business.

Safelist Credit Ads


Safelists are lists of members who agree to read other peoples ads for credits and then use those credits to send their own ad.  List vary in sizes from hundreds to thousands and normally are free with upgrades available.  Members can email the list depending on membership level and amount of credits they have. The higher the membership the more people you can send too and the greater the amount of credits you receive for reading others ads.  Upgraded members normally receive additional monthly credits and upgrade bonus credits.  Many offer a OTO (one time offer) at sign up and it will be a one time payment for lifetime upgrade. Pass on this and you look at a monthly payment to upgrade.  Results from safelists are much much lower than safelists.  I mail over 50 lists a day and receive about 5 to 15 opt ins daily, with a couple of sales a week.

So which is better?

By now your asking why I said safelists are better, we here is why

Solo ads are a one time blast, spend 100 dollars and get your results,  no guarantees.  Safelists can be mailed over and over and over again and in the long run will out do the solo ad.   I would rather take the money I would send on solo ad and use it buy one lifetime membership at a safelist.  I just did this with No Marketer Left Behind and I received over 210,000 credits, 6 solo ads, 8 lifetime banner ads, 8 lifetime text ads, plus additional banner and text ads.  I upgraded to the lifetime founder level which total price was $139.00.  I have used 4 of the solo ads and mailed the list 5 times to 2050 subscribers, total optins 18 and 3 sales.  Another HUGE benefit is that you can receive commission for referring other members, I have earned $61.00 in commission so far.  The number speak for themselves.   This list after my commission has only cost $78.00 and will continue to bring new customers for years to come.


Safelist advertising is better in the long run, short term you will see better results from solo ads.  My recommendation is to mix the two with a stronger focus on building your safelist mailings.  The more you belong to the more you can mail and the more you mail the more people you add to your own list.  Building your list is extremely important it is what will bring you lasting wealth. Being able to email your own list is of huge benefit. I email safelists with a capture page, once they opt in they go to my primary business and added to that auto responder. I now use that list to email other offers that help build whatever business they are building. The money is in the list.  Join our facebook group here

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6 Responses to Which is Better, Solo Ads or Safelist Credit Ads?

  1. Dennis says:

    great comparison! I have used safelists in the past and not had very good results. It may have been the products I was selling or the lists I was using. I am going to give no marketer left behind a look for sure. Before I go look is there a free signup? I appreciate you reporting on the products you use!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comments and yes they do have free signup with some starter credits. Do recommend lead capture page and build a list

      Thanks again

  2. Linda says:

    Thank you for this post and the excellent comparison between solo ads and safelists. I knew about solo ads but haven’t used them before, because I fear I will be throwing my money away.

    When I am ready to start promoting my website I will definitly consider using a safelist.

  3. Andres Santos says:

    Great article. It all comes down to how much time you want to spend. I also believe safelists are a good source of traffic, but with so many out there, how do you which are good and which are bad. Other than the one you mentioned, do you have any other recommendations?

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