Why Build a List? How Do I Use My List


If you have been online for any amount of time, you’ve heard the term “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST”.   Sounds great, build a list then make money, right?  Okay that’s what I did, built a list, but no money.  If the statement is true, why did I not make money.   Seems that saying leaves out a very important detail, what to do with the list or how to use the list.

How to Use your list

I built my list and started emailing the on a regular basis with my offer, no takes.  Everyone tells me the money is in the list, so I started really looking at the emails I was receiving from lists that I was on, that’s when I noticed a difference in their emails and the ones I was sending.  All the emails I sent talked about my opportunity and why list-buildingthey should join and my program being the best (which it is, lol).  What I was receiving were email offering me tools and training to build my list, many of which I bought and it helped build my business.  They emailed offers of value, mine were selling an opportunity, over and over again.  The key is to email your list things of value.

How it works

Start with you capture page, you get a person interested enough to give you their email and name, and then they are redirected to your primary business page and added to your list.  If set properly an auto responder begins to email how-it-worksthem about your opportunity, this is great and how it should be set up.  Here was the mistake I was making with my list, that was all I did, once my number of auto messages about my program finished, I did not do much else with the list.  Big mistake, we all have tools we use to promote and they provide commissions to refer, and why do we use these tools, because they work.   I started sending broadcast emails to my list about the tools I use and why I use them, guess what? People signed up and I earned a little commission.  Now I had a customer and made a connection for future business.

Why not promote just the marketing tools.

I made that mistake, once I realized I could make money with tools I started promoting nothing but the tools.  Here is the problem with that, which tool to promote?   My primary business pays better and has a better residual plan. 3kQzwgly It also became my original scenario where I attempted sell at the opt in and then all the auto responders were still trying to sell.  People don’t like to be sold, they don’t see value in sales pitch after sales pitch, just the way we are.  Here is what to do, use your capture page, redirect to sales page, auto responder for primary business, the email broadcast list with valuable tools they can use, build the customer relationship and then they come back around to your primary business.

Why does this work


Very simple, it is a process of building rapport and trust.  How many things have you joined because you knew the person who was making the offer to you?  We tend to follow people we have done business with before.  Your upline recommends a tool and guess what, you buy it.  See it on a sales page while surfing and you will most likely pass it by.


Your list is extremely valuable and will work very well if you develop it and provide value to you subscribers. Email some training without an offer, let them know you are there to help and not just sell for yourself. Provide a youtube video of value, make your own is the best way.  Your goal is to have your subscribers get to know you and see you as a professional, link them to your facebook, let them get to know you and your business will grow.  For the quickest way to build a list click here


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4 Responses to Why Build a List?

  1. Michel says:

    Building a list is not as easy as some make it sound, but your points are pretty valid. You need to build a relationship with your list, otherwise, people will unsubscribe or stop reading your emails.

    It is not always easy to please everyone, but following the advice in this post will definitely help to retain readers.

    How often do you recommend emailing your list?

    • admin says:

      I email every couple days, mostly tips on how to build a business online without any offers. Then about once every 2 weeks I offer a tool or product that helps with all the tips they have been getting. Keeps them reading and helps with conversions. Key is to provide value to your list, because they are valuable too you. Help them and you will see results

      Thanks for your comments

  2. Ryan says:

    Are there any good free options available to the marketing newcomer?
    Having an e-mail list seems great but at the same time seems a bit expensive, especially when starting out. You may not even get it right the first time.
    How old should your business be before you invest in a great email subscription service?

    • admin says:

      Hello Ryan,

      Yes there are good options, I start with safelists since you can join them for free and start adding people to your list, here is my article on safelists –> http://learntoearnwithbob.com/safelists-review

      You should start using lead capture pages and an auto responder immediately, leads are critical to your business. Get response is $15 a month and allows 1000 subscribers.

      Hope that helps.


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